Hema New HX1 Ultimate Navigator

hema new hx1 ultimate navigatorThe Hema New HX1 Ultimate Navigator represents the ultimate in on and off-road GPS navigation systems when it comes to dedicated 4WD and street navigation all across Australia.

Any 4WD driver worth their salt needs excellent maps and digital navigation products that provide enormous levels of detail and highlight points of interest for 4WD drivers.

The new Hema HX-1 Ultimate Navigator is a home grown Australian product that has that in spades and represents a major step forward for GPS navigation systems in Australia. [Read more…]

Korr Driving Lights Suit the Serious Driver

korr driving lightsKorr driving lights suit the serious driver in more ways than one and in numerous different contexts deliver high quality lighting outcomes.

The quality of your driving lights can make or break a trip in your 4WD, whether for business or pleasure.

Korr Lighting’s wide range of LED lights in a variety of different formats are ideal product solutions for the serious driver in need of excellent distance, increase safety and span for their lighting. [Read more…]

Pre-trip Inspection of your Car, SUV or 4WD

pre-trip inspectionPre-trip inspection of your Car, SUV or 4WD is not only an important task but an absolute necessity if one wishes to save time, any inconvenience and excessive costs due to a breakdown.

Consistent pre-trip inspections of your vehicle will be of great assistance in maintaining the quality and consistency of your driving experience. It will also likely improve the lifespan and durability  of your vehicle given the kind of checks and procedures regularly carried out. [Read more…]

Yakima Whispbar Cargo Carriers


whispbar-cargo-carriersYakima Whispbar Cargo Carriers are the ideal storage solution for your 4WD or SUV looking for an on-the-go resolution to their storage issues that combines style, fuel savings and solid construction.

For drivers engaged in any activity whether casual or professional space saving and high quality storage products are absolutely key to an enjoyable and successful journey. [Read more…]

Runva Quality Performance Winches

runva quality performance winchesWhether for work or play Runva quality performance winches are an essential addition to the arsenal of necessary tools needed to make your 4WD a more versatile vehicle both on and off-road.

Winches are a great accessory for your 4×4 and will serve you well for all sorts of practical purposes related to hauling and lifting.

They are also an excellent labour and time saving technology. But there are so many companies selling winches out there – where should you look for the best winch products? [Read more…]

Best 4WD Fridge Freezers

best 4WD fridge freezersFinding the best 4WD fridge freezers that are effective efficient and suit your particular needs and desires can be difficult in a market full of fridge freezers.

A range of companies sell fridge freezers which vary in quality and cost. This makes the task of distinguishing between them and what brand and product can provide the best all-round service a time consuming task. [Read more…]

Uneek Off Road Equipment provide Superior Quality

uneek off road equipmentUneek off road equipment provide an extensive and innovative range of superior quality products and are based right here in Australia.

Excellent off road equipment is an absolutely vital necessity for every 4WD driver – especially those who regularly engage in off road and off the beaten track driving.

For that you need a reliable Australian manufacturer of a wide range of 4WD and off road specialised equipment to suit Australian conditions. Well look no further than to the Australian company Uneek for the solution you need. [Read more…]